MyTransitionPartner is an online support resource website that exists to improve the health and global wellbeing of transgender individuals through education, support, and connection to existing local, state, and nation-wide resources.

The articles and resources listed on MyTransitionPartner are written and selected by transgender,  queer, gender nonconforming individuals, and their allies who work to advocate for the community. All work on this website is conducted by diligent volunteers.

Darcy Jeda Corbitt Foundation

MyTransitionPartner is supported by our parent organization, Darcy Jeda Corbitt Organization. Founded in 2016, the foundation works to promote the health and global wellbeing of the transgender and queer community to restore the dignity of the transgender community through educating our communities about transgender and gender expansive individuals, seek justice for its members by assisting transgender individuals locate grants and sponsorships, and invoke courage by providing online resources to help those questioning and those in transition figure out the terrifying journey toward becoming better versions of themselves.

This program fulfills two objectives of the foundation:

  • Education: Free ally training works to promote the dignity and worth of the transgender community by reducing fear and ignorance.
  • Support: Support articles for transgender, queer, and gender nonconforming individuals and their loved ones work to instill courage in the lives of transgender folk and their loved ones by providing answers to their burning questions.

Program Personnel

  • Program Officer: Vacant
  • Content Editors: Darcy Corbitt, Nicole Seymour
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Program Officer, Content Editors (Apply Online)